Investment Strategy

Elite Capital Partners & its investors seeks opportunistic and value-added investments in underperforming multifamily in targeted markets that can be repositioned to maximize value and provide safe, quiet, and affordable living to the community.

Acquisition Criteria

  • Property Type: Multifamily apartment buildings that are roughly one class below the surrounding area. Our primary focus is C+ to B class properties in B or better areas.

  • Property Location: Growing primary, secondary, and tertiary metros primarily located in the southeast United States.

  • Property Size: 100 – 300 units

  • Property Age: Typically built circa 1980 or later.

  • Project Cost: $5 Million – $50 Million

  • Financing: Long term agency financing; bridge loan followed by refinancing to agency debt after stabilization

  • Cash Flow: Positive cash flow beginning in Year 1 and increasing throughout the hold period, in addition to significant profits upon disposition.

  • Anticipated Returns: Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 14% to 18% compounded over 5 years.

  • Primary Focus: Value-add and repositioning plays leading to strong cash flows and asset appreciation.

Investing in Multifamily Real Estate





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