Elite Capital Sports

A Division Dedicated to the Sports Industry

Elite Capital Sports, a subsidiary of Elite Capital Partners, is designed to help professionals in the sports industry invest in multifamily real estate to take advantage of cash flow, tax incentives and capital appreciation.

Benefits to Elite Capital Sports Investors

Elite Capital Sports helps professionals within the sports industry invest in cash flowing multifamily real estate in order to take advantage of the following.

  • Cash Flow- Cash flow provides a dependable income stream passively regardless if you are employed at the time or not.

  • Tax Advantages- Multifamily real estate provide great tax advantages such as depreciation, 1031 exchanges and the ability to receive tax free cash flow.

  • Economies of Scale- This allows you to own multiple doors like (apartment buildings) versus a one house to house game.

  • Physical Asset- Apartment buildings are physical assets. Unlike a stock, a physical asset you can touch and see your asset.

  • Appreciation in Value- Apartment buildings have the ability to appreciate in value. Unlike a house, you can FORCE appreciation in apartment building which gives you the necessary control.


Helping Athletes and Coaches Invest in Multifamily Real Estate

Who We Partner With

  • Professional Athletes

  • Pro and College Coaches

  • Team Physicians

  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches

  • Team Executives

  • Athletic Directors

  • Sports Agents

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